What Self-care Means to Me in 2018

Image: Death to Stock

Image: Death to Stock

There is a universal need to practice self-care particularly in the current era we live in. But every person does not have to practice self-care in the same way. The way you practice self-care is as individual as you are. As a city dwelling introvert who adores one-on-one communication w/ close friends, the way I practice self-care will be very different from someone who is an outgoing extrovert who loves nothing else than being the life of the party. But a part of learning about yourself and accepting yourself just the way you are is to unapologetically create boundaries in your life to give you the things you need in order to be happy and successful.

Self-care isn't a trend, it's a way of life.

Self-care practices are as unique as each person is. 

Self-care doesn't have to cost a dime. 

Self-care practices don't need to be shared on social media to be respected.

My favorite self-care practices of the moment include: 

  1. Take an Epsom salt bath.

  2. Call a friend or family member to catch up.

  3. Meet a friend for coffee

  4. Go out dancing when I'm feeling social 

  5. Take a yoga class

  6. Cleanse my person with Palo Santo

  7. Read a book in the sunshine

  8. Plan a trip even if I don't actually take the trip until next year

  9. Binge watch a show I love (like a Marvel or DC comics show, Grey's Anatomy, teen drama, etc.)

  10. Clean my kitchen while listening to podcasts

Shenneth Dove-Morse