10 Things I Love That I Shouldn't

Photo by  Erol Ahmed  on  Unsplash

Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

I was inspired by this post by Fashion Magpie where she lists 10 things she loves that she actually shouldn’t. My own list is below. We should all give ourselves a little grace to truly enjoy the things we actually like doing regardless if they fit popular opinion…

  1. Spending entire weekends by myself puttering around my apartment.

  2. Frozen pizzas from the grocery store instead of pizza from an actual pizza shop.

  3. Watching really poorly rated romantic comedies especially the Holiday ones on Lifetime (and loving them).

  4. Reading an entire novel in one sitting when I have errands to run or other projects to work on. All the better if it’s a YA or romance novel.

  5. Impulsive small purchases on pay day like a new pair of cheap earrings or new lipstick.

  6. Having snacks like Plantain chips or homemade cookies instead of an actual meal.

  7. Relishing a night where I go to bed extra early.

  8. Buying gummy bears when I see them while in the check-out aisle in the drug store.

  9. When a friend cancels plans at the last minute (particularly on a rainy day or night).

  10. Living in a city with bunch of restaurants, yet always going to the same ones (creature of habit!)

To me, wellness is about balance, so keep on loving those things that you shouldn’t…I know I will!