7 Ways to Spend NYE If You're Staying In


NYE can be a little stressful particularly for introverts. But sometimes you feel obligated to make elaborate plans and spend money you really shouldn’t spend instead of opting to stay in. Staying in for NYE can be restful, fun a fun restorative way to prepare for the New Year.

  1. Journal About What You Want to Manifest in the New Year - Take advantage of this naturally reflective time of yea to reflect on the past year and write down what you manifest in all aspects of your life over the next 12 months. Neuroscience explains why you should write down your goals to achieve them.

  2. Host a Potluck + Game Night - Invite friends over and ask them to bring a dish and a game to play to bring in the new year! Good food, fun and friendship are a lovely way to bring in the new year.

  3. Have a Movie Night (either with Friends or Solo) - Invite some friends over and watch Bird Box so you can finally stop skimming your social media feed for fear of seeing spoilers.

  4. Have a Candle Lit Bath - If you’d prefer a more quiet, solo New Year’s take a candle lit bath, some bath salts, and play relaxing music to celebrate the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019.

  5. Do a Magical Ritual - Head to a reputed site like this one for guidance on conducting a magical ritual for NYE.

  6. Have a Dance Party (either with Friends of Solo) - Create a playlist of your favorite upbeat songs of the new year and dance in the new year. A Dance Party can be a solo activity or you can invite friends, family and neighbors over to dance it out.

  7. Read a Book on Your To-Read List - Find a book that inspires you (it’s ok if you’ve already read it), and settle in with a cozy blanket to read a book for the new year.