Starting A New Moon Ritual Practice

Photo by  John Forson  on  Unsplash

Photo by John Forson on Unsplash

Moon rituals have become "trendy" lately in many wellness circles, but they are not a new phenomenon. For thousands of years, people from various parts of the world have conducted different spiritual and religious practices in accordance to the phases of the moon. The new moon has been purported to have some powerful qualities that lend themselves to rituals. The next new moon is this week, on June 13th. The new moon is a time of initiation and new beginnings.

The new moon is a great time to kick off a new habit or practice or to start a new project (like a blog!). There are various ways you can conduct a new moon ritual, but the way I'm currently conducting mine is below. I'm sure it will continue to evolve over time. If you're in the DC are, Wandering Wellness  also has a low cost monthly new moon women's circle that you can read about on her website.

Here is my current New Moon Ritual practice which I expect will evolve more over time:

1) Clear My Space and Energy. You may use tools such as a smudge stick or palo santo to cleanse your space or person. You can also do a ritual cleansing bath practice as well. If you have items like crystals to enhance your energy cleaning you can use them. 

2) Make a List of What I Want To Draw Into my Life. Defining what you want to draw in and writing it down is also a key part of any ritual to manifest or draw things into your life. 

3) Create a Symbolic Act Around What You Want to Draw. You can burn a piece of paper with your list written on it, cleanse your intention list with your favorite crystals, or any way that symbolically releases what you want to draw into the universe.

4) Keep Intentions in a Visible Spot, revisit during the next Full Moon and take any actions needed or shift to make sure your intentions are moving forward. You can keep your intentions on a post-it, write them in your journal or place them in your underwear drawer. The idea is to put them somewhere you'll see them regularly.

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