Maintaining Equilibrium During Upsetting Times

image: Unsplash

image: Unsplash

The American news has been sobering, horrifying and upsetting for quite some time now. And for many of us empathetic human beings, seeing (and experiencing) the turbulent times we are now living in does not get easier with time. It's more important than ever while doing what you feel called to do to help address many of the socio-geo-political issues that are covered in the media to take care of self, set boundaries, and connect with your loved ones.

Make space for JOY. Take to heart Audre Lorde's ever present quote on social media: 'Joy is an act of resistance'. The quote's overuse doesn't take away from its validity. The current political regime in the United States seeks to strip away basic rights from people or color, low income individuals, and other marginalized communities. But one thing they can't take from any of us directly or indirectly affected by the current Administration's policies and actions are the choice to adopt joy over fear every day.

Take a little time to face inward if you need to. Strategically taking time for yourself is key when facing turbulent personal trials or simply when you're an empathetic, sensitive person who absorbs the energy and feelings of those around you. Take time away from the news and social media if you have to. Take physical space from people and do solo activities like taking a walk, taking a bath, or meditating.

Connect with your tribe. Connect with your friends and family when you can. Host gatherings with people. Feel that human connection and cherish it. Take time to nurture your circle in person rather than by phone or social media.

Set healthy boundaries in all facets of your life. If you have that negative friend who is constantly a drain, take some time away from them. If you have a verbally abusive boss or client, take a step each day toward obtaining a new place of employment with a more positive culture. 

Handle your (and mind your own) business. Try not to insert yourself into issues that don't concern you. Don't try to carry the world on your back. Sometimes minding your own business and not inserting yourself into other people's issues is the best thing you can do no matter how pure your intentions. Pray for everyone involved in a given situation, let it go, and keep it moving

Seek out help and support whenever you need it. Seeking out support is more important than ever. That support could come from a therapist, close friend, spouse, child, parental figure, pastor/religious leader, pet, or any other living being. Sometimes the load is simply too heavy to carry alone and that's totally ok.