Newsletters to Subscribe to for a Weekly Dose of Self-care, Vol. 1

Photo by  Georgia de Lotz  on  Unsplash

Sometimes it's nice to get mail in your email box that isn't spam, a bill reminder, or a work email reminding you to do your timesheet for the week! E-newsletter content can be fun, informative, inspirational, or provides links to resources and news stories you may not have known about otherwise. If you too like e-newsletters, check out the ones below based on your interests.

If you're into skin care read: Le Culture Club Newsletter. This newsletter is fun, nerdy, and informative. It provides useful and science based information on how to care for and love the skin you're in. 

If you're into beautiful flat lays and interiors, read: The It's Apt. 4 Newsletter. This newsletter is aesthetically pleasing and provides really aspirational ways to decorate your interiors with books, plants, candles and more. 

If you're into fitness lifestyle topics read: The HBFit Newsletter. This newsletter provides healthy lifestyle content, trendy boutique fitness recommendations, and cool people to follow on IG, interesting takes on current events for the given week. 

If you're a fan of staying home reading and relaxing as self-care read: The Girls Night In Newsletter. If you love spending a cozy night in with plenty of good reading material, this newsletter is the one for you. If you crave connection in your city to talk about books in real life, join the next Girls Night In bookclub in your city. A new book is chosen each month for you to dive into and talk about with other homebodies. 

If you're into topics around lifestyle and motherhood read: The Cup of Jo Newsletter. This newsletter has the same friendly tone as the Cup of Jo website. Learn about the latest posts, read interesting quotes and cool finds you'll be tempted to add to your shopping cart. 

If you're a healthy foodie read: The Healthy-ish Newsletter. If you're a foodie who loves reading about food industry influencers, trendy health products and a variety of people from various walks of life who are passionate about food, this is the newsletter for you. 

If you're into learning about wellness read: The Chilltimes Newsletter (from The Chillhouse). If you aren't NYC based and can easily pop into The Chill House Spa and Cafe, check out their newsletter that is a digest of the wellness centric content from their website. 

If you're into wellness and inspiration from a WOC perspective, read: The 21Ninety Newsletter. This newsletter is a digest of the wellness centric content from the 21Ninety website which is a Blavity Inc. company. This site has a variety of beauty, wellness and lifestyle that you can dive into from the newsletter.