10 Things to Do Instead of Binge-watching Netflix This Weekend


It can be really easy to stay indoors over the weekends particularly during the winter months to take a break from the stresses of the work week. But instead of binge watching a series of Netflix, try to do something else this weekend!

1 | Take a walk

Rain or shine, with the right outerwear, taking a walk is a great way to get outside of your space and clear your thoughts. 

2 | Bake Something

Look up a recipe or ask a trusted baker in your life for a recipe to make a delicious baked good. You can bake something savory or sweet. Baking something is also a great excuse to invite friends over to help you eat what you’ve baked!

3 | Volunteer to Help Someone Less Privileged

Whatever your interests are, there are an array of volunteer efforts that could use an extra set of hands of expertise you may have on a specific subject.

4 | Take one step to manage your finances

There’s no time like the present to check your credit scores on a site like Credit Karma, finish up your taxes, review and revise your budget, or set up automatic transfers to your savings and investment accounts.

5 | Read Something

Pick up a beloved favorite book or head to your local independent book store of library to pick up a book to read. There are so many good books to read depending on your preferences, but if you need some inspiration, check out a book focused IG accounts like Well Read Black Girl or head to Goodreads for recommendations on what to read.

6 | Take a work-out class

Head to your gym or preferred fitness studio to take a class and sweat it out. You’ll feel much better after the exercise and can invite a friend to join you and catch up over beverages or snacks afterward.

7 | Journal

Take some time to write down your thoughts, write a list of things you’d like to manifest, write a list of things you feel grateful for, or simply free write and let your mind wander.

8 | Do some Yoga or Meditate

Roll out your yoga mat and do some Sun Salutations or try a Yoga sequence from the assortment available on YouTube. You can also take some time to meditate using an app like Headspace or use your own mantras.

9 | Start a 30 Day Project or Goal

Spend some time dedicating yourself to a goal for a full month. Not sure what you’d like to start? Here are some ideas: 1) Do a HIIT workout challenge, 2) Try a daily meditation practice, 3) Do a daily drawing challenge, 4) Commit to eating green veggies every day or, some other project or goal you’ve been putting off.

10 | DIY Something

Head to your Pinterest boards to try one of the projects you likely have bookmarked to try at a future date. There’s no time like the present to try a home project or craft. You can create artwork to display in your home.