On Using Affirmations as a Wellness Practice

So I started writing affirmations at the advisement of my mother years before The Secret move and book popularized the law of attraction. My college roommate thought I was so weird when I'd write over and over again before a big exam that I was so happy and grateful for the A grade received on said exam. There is power in the written word, and using it to set intention and shift energy. You’re more likely to acheive goals if you write them down.

If you’re developing your own affirmations, try these suggestions to get started.

1 | Stick to Pen and Paper Rather Than Digital Tools

There are benefits to writing down affirmations or really anything you want to commit to your memory or to your subconscious. Dedicate a notepad or notebook to the express purpose of writing down your affirmations. We spend so much time looking at screen, it’s a nice way to step away from them and do some deeper thinking and intention setting.

2 | Lead with Gratitude

Lead with gratitude by starting each affirmation statement with “I’m so happy and grateful that….” It’s a good practice to express gratitude for the goals or intentions you want to affirm and call into your reality. Many studies over the past decade have found that people who consciously count their blessings tend to be happier and less depressed (source). 

3 | Stay Consistent by Building It Into Your Routine

It can be pretty easy to forget to accomplish any writing practice including writing affirmations, but building writing down affirmations into your morning routine for example will allow you to train yourself to do it consistently.

4 | Try Also Repeating Your Affirmations Aloud

Just as you may repeat terms or information aloud as you’re studying to reinforce information and commit it to memory, you can do the same with your affirmations. You can eve record yourself on your phone and play it back.

5 | Be Specific As Possible

If you truly want to charge your affirmations with intention, make them as specific as possible. If you want to manifest a new job, be as specific and detailed as possible in your affirmation for that goal.


So write your affirmations down and watch things start to happen!