4 Baking Soda Free Natural Deodorant Options


I switched to natural deodorant two years ago and haven't had many issues with their effectiveness once I adjusted. But since that initial switch, I have learned that I'm sensitive to deodorant formulas that have baking soda. So after being tired of having irritated underarms, I started seeking out formulas that are specifically baking soda free and had to part with effective formulas that worked well but irritated me. Here are 4 baking soda free natural deodorant options that I currently have in rotation.


Schmidt's Sensitive Skin Formula - Jasmine Green Tea Deodorant

I was really bummed that the regular formula o Schmidt's irritated my skin but was happy to see sensitive skin options pop up earlier this year. This sensitive skin formula works well on a normal non-sweaty day. But the main caveat with this formula for me was that reapplication didn't really help. So I didn't really feel "fresh" after re-application.


Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda Free Deodorant Stick  - Grapefruit

This is my newest deodorant acquisition and so far it works ok on days where I'm not particularly active or walking in hot temperatures. But I was a little bummed that the grapefruit scent wasn't a little more fragrant in this formula which I guess would be good for people that prefer deodorant options with very light to no scents.


Honestly pHresh Probiotic Natural Deodorant - Tropical Blossom

This option doesn't work very long for me honestly which is a bummer. But I'm going to save it for winter time use when sweating is not a major consideration outside of exercising. Every person's body chemistry is different (so deodorant will have different levels of effectiveness), so I would still offer it up as an option because I'm sure it would work well for someone else's body chemistry, it just doesn't last very long with mine.


Tom's of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant - Wild Lavender

This deodorant has been the most effective for me on really hot humid DC days. As to be expected, reapplication is necessary but it will keep odor away better than some of the other options I've been using lately.  This will remain my number one option for the time being. One trick I've heard about that has worked well with this deodorant formula is to spritz an acid like Pixi Glow Tonic under my arms before applying. That seems to keep the odor smelling bacteria at bay much longer than just applying it by itself.

Summer is not a particularly easy time to make the transition to natural deodorant, but it's possible. The key is to get through that detox period when your body has to adjust to the natural deodorant...once that period is over, most formulas you try will be more effective. If you are not sensitive to baking soda there are several effective options to consider like Primally Pure Deodorant, Agent Nateur (Holi) Stick No 3 Deodorant, Vapour AER Next Level Deodorant, and the original Schmidt's Deororant formula.