2018 Autumn Bucket List

Photo by  Wang Xi  on  Unsplash

Photo by Wang Xi on Unsplash

Somehow summer sped by and the official start of fall is only a week away! While I'm a little sad to see summer end, it's always fun to have a fresh start that a new season brings. Here's my seasonal bucket list for the fall:

  1. Do a wardrobe clear-out and refresh. The start of a new season is a great time to take stock of my closet and make and purchases to strategically fill in gaps. This is my version of ‘capsule wardrobing'. I’d like to purchase a new pair of jeans and a few sweaters and long sleeve dresses to refresh my wardrobe for the season.

  2. Pick up a craft or hobby. I love picking up a craft or hobby during the fall and winter months. Maybe I’ll finally commit to using Duolingo to practice my French. Or pick up making homemade Kombucha again.

  3. Make some delicious soups and bone broths. Hearty, filling, veggie filled soups are one-step meals and an easy way to batch cook with the transition form warmer weather to cooler weather. I’ll be on the look-out for recipes on my favorite food blogs and in cookbooks. I also want to start regularly making bone broth again to drink by itself and also to add to soup recipes.

  4. Add a few cozy accessories for my home. I’d like to add a few cozy pillows and blankets to my living room to prep my home for cozy fall evenings to read and watch Netflix.

  5. Plan some fun gatherings with friends. Fall is also a fun time to set up fun gatherings with friends before the holiday busy season sets in.

  6. Start saving for 2019 travel plans. I have a few places I’d like to travel to next year, so it’s time to replenish my travel fund accordingly.

  7. Spend time outdoors. Hopefully the weather will allow for walks, visits to the farmers market and other outdoor activities while the weather transitions from warm to cool.

  8. Get a sun lamp. The one thing that bums me out about this time of year is how early the sun goes down…so to combat that, I’ll get a sun lamp.