My Word for 2019 is...

Photo by  Jazmin Quaynor  on  Unsplash

While I plan to do a vision board for 2019 and to write down what I want to call into my life for the year in all aspects of my life, I’m not writing down resolutions. I’m taking note of the lessons I learned from 2018 and that’s it. But I have chosen a word to thematically describe my vision for 2019 and that word is….Alignment. I want to align my actions, energy, and attitude with what I want to manifest this year. Keeping this word at the forefront for the year will really help me to hone in on what I want to actualize and let go of things that don’t naturally fit into the following categories:


One major intention that I have for 2019 is to align my short term financial goals with my values. Paying down debt, saving for short term and long term goals are things I need to really buckle down on. My finances should align with things that are important to me and I have a lot of progress to make on that front to make that a reality.

Professional Endeavors

I want to do something I have not really done in recent years and that’s to sit down and really think about the vision I have for myself professionally and set actionable goals to ensure that they become a reality.

Personal Endeavors

I want to make sure that I make time for travel, exercise, and connection this year. Those are things that make me happy so I should make sure how I actually spend my spare time aligns with those interests.

Hobbies/Passion Projects

I have some passion projects that I’ve ruminated on that I want to actually dive into this year like developing consistent yoga and meditation practices and consistently taking time out to do creative activities including my monthly Distill Creative DC Chapter events.

Here’s to a collective elevation in 2019!