On Skincare: Follain Clean Beauty Kit


I love beauty and skincare but I don’t love the idea of putting a lot of products on my skin that could potentially be harmful. I don’t try to be perfect in my product choice and still use some conventional products, I am committed to using cleaner products at least 80 % of the time. Websites like Follain (and several others like Take Care Shop, Detox Market, Blk + Grn, Credo, etc.), make it so much easier to shop clean beauty than it was even two years ago.

One place to start with trying green skincare is to try a product sampler kit like the Clean Essentials Kit offered at Follain. I like sampler kits because you can try items to actually see if you like them before investing in larger sizes. Especially because many clean beauty products can be on the pricier side because the ingredients and production likely costs more than conventional products. I’ll report back after I finish testing these items in the Clean Essentials Kit.

There’s still a ways to go for the diversity of colors + skin tones available for clean(er) make-up options, but that is gradually shifting. Being able to choose products that have less chemicals is still a pretty privileged thing for many people who are skincare or make-up enthusiasts, but hopefully that will evolve as well.

If you’re looking for a go-to spot for your skincare and beauty items, try Follain (they also have a Bethesda Row location for DC folks)! You can use this discount code: ref15_up9grn to get 15% off items there (with some exclusions).