Wellness Reading Round-Up: March 23, 2019

Happy Friday! Here’s some reading material to keep you occupied this weekend.

Why we struggle for solitude.

The best credit advice experts have heard.

How working the night shift can affect your sleep.

Really interesting money profile by one my my favorites on the Internet and Podcasts.

This office makeover really gives me inspiration for my next home. I plan to paint the walls…I’m so tired of living with all white walls!

Turns out, CBD products may be a lie. Hmm…

Meet the Marie Kondo of digital decluttering.

I’m looking forward to reading this anthology.

Can work/life balance exist in the Gig Economy? I truly wonder.

After reading this post, I now wanna purchase an ice roller.

4 steps to start a fulfilling yoga practice at home.

A hearty recipe I want to try before the weather warms up.

So what exactly are serums?