Wellness Reading Round-up: April 13 2019

Photo by  Nathan Dumlao  on  Unsplash

Happy Saturday! Here’s some reading material to keep you occupied this weekend.

DC folks: Join me on Tuesday for a Paper Flower Making Workshop at the Colony Club!

Want to try this adaptogenic mix.

Bookmarked this: Two types of boundaries that can help you take care of yourself.

How to take control when you feel overwhelmed

I really need to increase my water intake. I want to purchase a carafe like this one that I can basically just keep in eyesight at all times as a reminder.

Five tips to remember to actually use your reusables.

Love this profile of one of my favorite healing spaces in Brooklyn that I talked about on the blog earlier this year.

Why you need to clean your make-up brushes right now.

The difference between loneliness and solitude.

Don’t skimp on getting sleep! It definitely has health implications.

Have you ever tried a No-buy challenge?

For those into Astrology: What is your Moon Sign?