Friday Introductions: A Little More About Me

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Hi there! How are you? Happy Friday! So I thought I’d take some time to tell you a little more about myself. There’s only but so much you can list on an About page:

  • I’m from West Philly. Please don’t ask me about cheese steak preferences… I don’t eat them so I don’t have an opinion LOL.

  • I went to Howard for college (HU, you know!). I graduated from the “School of C.”

  • I’m an only child. My close friends are basically my siblings.

  • I’m 5’2 in heels so I never have a problem finding a date taller than me LOL.

  • I’m a Pisces Sun born on International Women’s Day but have a bunch of Scorpio placements in my Astrology chart including my Rising sign…Gemini Moon).

  • You’re only as old as you feel, so my numerical age isn’t important, but I’m technically a millennial on the older side of that generation.

  • I’m an introvert.

  • I’m an INFJ and a Ennagram Type 5 w 4. This basically means that I love being at home (amongst my books and hobbies) and have to have a good reason to leave. I can also talk about a subject that interests me for hours.

  • I LOVE traveling, meeting new people, and exploring ‘new to me’ places (which seems at odds with my personality type but duality is a thing).

  • I love attending music festivals which is again at odds with my personality type LOL.

  • I typically read at least 50 books a year (usually more than that). I also tend to read a lot of content on the Internet hence my sharing links on a weekly basis of things I’ve read.

  • I don’t own a car and never have. I haven’t driven since I got my license…in college. I keep it current just in case though.

  • I drink homemade matcha latte’s almost every morning.

  • My favorite seasons are Spring and Fall.