Wellness Reading Round-Up: March 16, 2019

Photo by:  Camille Styles

Photo by: Camille Styles

Happy Saturday! It’s been a long week ya’ll. So relieved that it’s the weekend so I can recharge. If you feel the same way, grab a cup of tea and look through these links for reading material to keep you occupied.

How to decrease your screen time.

In order to decrease my own screen time, I need to invest in a watch (this one is cute). I depend on my phone to know the time far too often!

Real women talk about birth control.

Interesting: The only way to really tell if you’re dehydrated.

Bookmark this: The one thing to check in your hotel room to make sure it’s clean.

A guide to self-care by astrology sign.

A power list of black women changing the game. So inspiring.

In the age of Kylie Jenner, let’s remember Madam CJ Walker.

10 things to do with your extra hour of daylight.

A plea to make fiber cool.

How to spot the ideal partner.