Spring 2019 Intentions

Photo by  Annie Spratt  on  Unsplash

During these final few days of Winter, I’m turning to preparations for the next season and what I want to focus on and manifest during this time. For me, Winter is a time for resting, contemplation, and planning. Spring is a time for action. So now it’s time to take advantage of the natural flow of Springtime and harness my energy to take action as Pisces season winds down and Aries season ramps up (Aries season is an excellent time to get stuff done!).

1 | Wardrobe Refresh/Closet Cleaning

I want to do a comprehensive review of what’s in my spring wardrobe so I can fill in any gaps. I don’t want to purchase a whole lot of new items but would like to add a fresh look to things I already own with a few new accessories and staples like tops and pants. I may create a Pin board to reflect the style direction I want to go in for the season as an inspirational activity before I focus on fill-in in wardrobe gaps. I also feel the strong urge to purge items that no longer resonate with me and organize my closet overall. I have plenty of room in my closet but also have a hard time finding things at the same time. This can be easily remedied by a few organizational products and tools.

2 | Home Decor Refresh

I’d like to DIY a few home decor projects and purchase a few new plants to refresh my home for spring time. I also have a few pieces of artwork I want to finally get framed so I can hang them. I also want to start printing photos and making albums for the last few trips I’ve taken because it’s a bit silly I’ve taken so long to get that task done and I get a lot of joy out of reflecting on photos from my travels.

3 | Check in on my Finances

I haven’t been as focused on my finances since I wrote my financial intentions for the first quarter of 2019, to the start of a new season is a great time to take another look at what I’ve accomplished and what I need to continue to work on. I’ll finalize my intentions for the second quarter of the year in a separate post.

4 | Prep for My Next Trip

I’m taking an international trip this spring which I’ll detail more about in a separate post, so I need to do a little research to make sure I have all of my logistics taken care of and also make sure I fill in any gaps for my wardrobe for the trip.

5 | Reflect on My Personal and Professional Development

This winter, I’ve focused on getting clear on what I want for my career and areas for growth I want to work on in 2019. For the spring, I’d like to work on executing all of the thoughts and plans I’ve had stirring in my mind all winter long and also work on connecting with people during this time period where I tend to feel more social because of the energy of the season. I want to check in on my personal and professional network and connect or re-connect with people.